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Friday, October 11th marked the first day that this website was available to the public. Definitely a big deal to me. I've put so much work into taking this business concept from dream to reality, and the launching of this website marked the first significant step toward that happening. Thing is, all I really want to do is make music. I want to tour with a band and then come home and write songs with other hard working musicians for artists who are changing the world. Basically, I wanna be Ryan Tedder. Why didn't I write Bleeding Love? I'll never be able to cope with that! This is only the beginning for CH Music, and I'm impressed with the start that I've gotten; even though I don't have any real expectations for this thing. As long as I'm being productive, I'm happy. Fellow creatives have been hitting me up more here lately than ever before and that gets me really excited. These projects that they are working on are truly incredible, and I'm humbled to be a part of them.

If you're a creative that is reading this and has no idea who am I or what I do, submit an inquiry and I'll tell you about me. I want to help you get your music out there, and I really don't care about your money. I fully believe that one day this machine will change lives, and there isn't anyone who could stop that from happening. Not because I'm pretentious, but because I know what I was put on this earth to do. I'm working on accepting this as a fact and not as an assumption, even when there are people around me who criticize or cast doubt upon what I'm doing. I really don't have anything to lose anyways. As long as I have hands, they will be creating something for either myself or for someone else. So why should I worry? Sundays are for musing with whiskey on ice.



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