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Every piece of music ever written is crafted to fit into a certain key. Does the key have an effect on the sound/feel of a song? Absolutely - but that doesn't mean a certain key brings about the same feeling every time.

I have always been fascinated by music theory in its simpler form. There is enough to unpack in the major & minor scales to keep me entertained for hours. I particularly enjoy the key of B major - not quite sure why, I just know that I love the way it feels on a piano.

When it comes to the minor scales, the key of D minor brings about an ominous tone that I'm into. Sometimes I'll slip from D minor into F major, just to bring about that uplift that gives me chills. There's something about dropping from the root to the subdominant that always sends a tingle down my spine.

Music, in essence, is human emotion in a tangibly audible form. It's a system of notation and simple math that come together to create melody and harmony. You can manipulate the sounds to paint a picture that you're envisioning, like using different colors to birth a masterpiece of your very own design, unique to you and you alone.

But you know what the coolest part about this concept is, to me?

Someone else can take the exact same colors that you're using and create something entirely different.

I often wonder if other musicians are as tantalized by this fact as I am. I'm sure that some are, while others might not even notice.

What is your favorite key to write in? Send me a message!



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