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I've been thinking a lot about coincidence lately. Does it actually exist? Does it have some hidden purpose? Either way, it can't be uncommon for people to think that the things that happen in their life happen for a reason. To rely on coincidence alone as an explanation not only baffles me, but it also peaks my anxiety. If that's the case, how can I cope with the awful things that sometimes happen? Choosing to believe that every unfortunate circumstance is a mere stepping stone towards something worth while keeps me from falling into a depression.

But with that being said, some circumstances are just too damn heavy. Some things take the wind out of my sails completely. It's really hard to see the "silver lining" when something takes place that completely debilitates you. Combined with my constant low level of anxiety, a catastrophe can, and usually will, knock me off my feet. How do you have hope in the future when it's so uncertain? That thought rolls around in my head on a daily basis. It often makes dealing with negative circumstances hard because I'm always expecting them, which affects my attitude.

It doesn't help that I chose music as my profession. If I had learned a trade, or perhaps gotten a degree in accounting, a stable future would be a given. Not the case when you want to be an artist, producer, and songwriter. The irony in that is powerful given my tendency be uneasy about the future. All I have to lean on is the fact that music makes me come alive. Is that corny to say? Yes. Is it the gosh-darn truth? Absolutely. I can't say how I know that I was born to make music, I just know. So surely I'm going to make it....right?

Truth be told, as long as I can feed my family and pay my bills, I'll be happy. Would being rich hurt? Absolutely not. But I don't need to be rich to be happy. I just need to be comfortable. One thing is for sure, I'm not going to give up on this dream of mine. I just hope that I have the tenacity and endurance to last through all of the valleys. An aspiring artist has to be good at handling rejection. I don't mind being told no. I just have to keep at it until the right person hears me and gives me that shot that I need to prove myself. If I'm given the opportunity, I know I'll make it.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.



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