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My visit to this iconic city marked the beginning of my no-nonsense mission to make music my career. I spent 12 days there on a study abroad trip with the MEBUS program. With every passing day I became more and more inspired by what surrounded me. The buildings and the streets that they take residence upon are drenched in music history. An incomprehensible amount of artists and musicians got their start in this city, playing dive bars and working long hours in smoke filled studios, only to take the tube back to their small flat that they could barely afford and do it all again the next day. It's safe to say that the amount of art in London is so immense, the feeling of inspiration and creativity is literally palpable. It was exhilarating to experience and it set my creativity into overdrive.

Since returning from London, I have faced a lot of resistance. Resistance that was set in motion by others, as well as resistance set in motion by myself. It almost feels like something unseen is fighting this newfound focus of mine with everything that it has got. Funny thing is, that only makes me go harder. I'm choosing to believe that this resistance comes from the the devil himself - the force that wants to hold me back and keep me from achieving my dreams. We all deal with that force, whether it be through laziness, depression, self-doubt, or comparison. I've fallen victim to all of those fiery arrows and many more. But when I'm lost in that dreary mental wasteland, I like to reflect on my trip to London. I recall how I felt when I was there - virtually indestructible with a mission to conquer the music industry. That tends to pull me out of the mud. Perhaps that was the purpose of the trip all along; to serve as a inspirational reminder that I'm here to create.

One day I hope to play a show at the Royal Albert Hall. The picture above was taken there from the Queen's box. I really can't put the vibe of that place into words. It is powerfully silent when its empty, yet even the silence is soothing. The organ fills every crevice with its melody when it's played. It's like the sound there is simply of a higher quality than anywhere else. You've got to hear it to believe it. That's why performing at Royal Albert Hall with a full band backing is a long term goal of mine that I'll never stop pursuing. I'm thankful for the inspiration that found me in London and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.



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