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Lately I've been reflecting on the impact that music has had on my life.

Everything is so chaotic right now. We're fighting and killing each other. The media is selling fear based propaganda. Feels like the world is in turmoil. Not a good recipe for my anxiety.

Music, as an entity, steps in and shields me from a lot of negativity. It's an escape that cannot be replicated. When I'm creating or listening, I'm at peace. I feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. Everything around me fades away as I enter that sacred place of unadulterated creativity, stringing together melodies and working out the progressions. Envisioning the completed piece excites me and motivates me to get the job done. Diving in to my favorite albums and listening to them on repeat is catharsis for me.

I know that my ability to make music comes from God. He created me with an insatiable desire for it. Even on my worst days when I'm feeling low or dealing with a lot of self doubt, I bring myself to play an instrument as a reminder. The connection is impossible to ignore because it's divine.

Some friends of mine let out a spectacular jazz-funk record today. Got me in a great mood. Listen to this while you're doing whatever you're doing. It's essentially a soundtrack for life. Some groovy stuff, man.

Lightning Orchestra - Source and Deliver



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