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Those closest to me know all about my affinity for metal music. Those who don't know me are usually taken aback when they discover that metal was my first love. The stark contrast that this type of music has in relation to the regurgitated pop music that commands most of my time is why I love it so much. Popular music these days tends to be void of passion. It's so easy to make that a computer can do it. The same cannot be said about metal music.

I feel as though I have a special sensitivity to this type of music. Nuances stand out as more vibrant, tones and melodies have more impact, and entrancing rhythms move me to my core. Metal is so chock full of these traits that it can be overwhelming. As a whole, the music is passionate, aggressive, and almost orchestral in some senses. I love the way that it can punch you right in the feels if you take the time to analyze it.

FYI: I make metal music, just not as often as I'd like to. The clip in the video above is an example of some of my heavier work. If you need a song like this, please let me know and I'll give you a discount on my service - simply because I'd love the opportunity to write something for you that melts faces!



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