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Yesterday was a beautiful day.

Sunny skies and not a cloud in sight. Cool temperature with a light breeze.

Perfect day to play music outside.

Hearing nature continue to exist all around me while I played the piano filled my soul with peace. I know that sounds corny - but it's the truth. It's like for one moment, everything going on in the world around me didn't matter as much.

I believe that I felt that way because in that moment I married two aspects of the universe that are bursting at the seams with healing properties. Music and nature. Nature and music. They blend like a fine wine and cheese.

The trees were my audience. They swayed gently back and forth, as if they were being soothed by my melodies. The sound of my piano travelled into the woods and then echoed back in my direction. It was a spiritual moment.

If you can, spend some time outside alone. Listen closely to what's happening around you. Nature has healing properties for a reason. It exists through everything going on right now. It lives and breathes. It continues to keep our planet alive. It will calm your spirit and put things back in perspective.

Feeling trapped? Get outside. Outside of your house, and outside of your head. Take a deep breath of that fresh air and let it fill your lungs with hope and purpose.



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