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Tired of beat makers who call themselves producers making tracks for you with no soul? Feel like you've heard it all before? Looking for a producer/songwriter who brings something fresh to the table?

I'm your guy.

I'm a producer. I fully understand the process of writing a song, as well as how to take a song from good to outstanding. I actually write music. Sure, I'll use a loop here and there for added effect (like the dope piano midi provided in the track below by RJ Pasin), because they are without a doubt very helpful when it comes to boosting your workflow and overall productivity. But I prefer to create a song using actual instruments and my knowledge of music theory, composition and arrangement to build it from the ground up. No, I'm not a sample hater - it's just more fun for me when I have my hands on an instrument. When I'm in control, I'm adding nuances to a piece that a sample cannot replicate.

Let me show you what I mean. I can make a song for you from scratch based on your preferences, modify an existing track of mine to suit your taste, or provide engineering work on your track and get it to that place that you're envisioning. Hit me up and lets talk about your music.

If you want to hear more than what's currently in my portfolio, please submit an inquiry. I have a ton of music to share with very little space on my website to share it, so I can guarantee that there is something for you in my bag of songs!



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