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Our country is in mass hysteria right now. I heard they're about to call off the 2020 Olympics - a move that hasn't happened since WW2. While there are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to this Quarantine and what it represents, I'm choosing to look at it as an opportunity to switch things up.

During these 2 weeks of mandatory social distancing, I will be resetting my mentality when it comes to my business. I've recently realized that I let things become too mechanical. Whether that's due to my obsession with stability or simply becoming stagnant is currently unknown. However, I do know that music means so much more to me than a paycheck. Since I'm unable to work with clients in person at this time, I will spend this welcomed period of solitude tying up loose ends, re-finding my focus, and working on a plethora of old projects that I've neglected.

Spend this time doing something that betters you. Don't spend it stressing about outcomes, worrying about solutions, or staring at the wall. Take this opportune moment and turn it into something positive that brings more meaning and purpose to your life. It's the perfect opportunity to learn something new! One thing that I know for sure - our country will be fine. We will recover and come back 10 times stronger.

Please pray for all of the creatives who are currently being forced to re-assess their situation due to the repercussions of this pandemic. Pray for our first responders and medical personnel, who are shouldering the brunt of this outbreak. Pray for everyone.

Here's a clip of a track that I've had in the tank for a while. Thinking about recording some vocals for it today - let's see what shakes loose!

Viva La Mother Earth.



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