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I had breakfast with a good friend yesterday. The talk that we had forced me to check my mentality. He's doing great. He has been working hard for years, and it has finally begun to pay off for him. I can see the excitement and the happiness in his eyes when he talks about his life and his business. I found myself sitting across from him and feeling envious of that happiness. While he shared his insights and updated me on his life, my mind was racing with the usual self deprecating thoughts. How is it that he seems to be at complete peace with his life? Isn't he worried about the future, whether or not he will be able to provide? What does it take to acquire such a seemingly fortified positive attitude?

When I countered with an occasional "but how do you do this", his answers remained consistently upbeat and hopeful. I began to feel like his relentless positivity was slowly cracking the rock like shell that protects and nurtures my negative attitude. His advice rang like church bells in my ears - "wake up everyday, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself that you love your life." Things are going well for me. I've finally got the placeholder studio up and running. I'm getting to do what I love with other people who love it too. I have a beautiful wife, a big and loving family, great friends, and a dream to chase. When I stop to think about these things, I find that it's impossible to be such a negative nancy or such a worry wart. I'm working on strengthening this philosophy in my mind. Sometimes I feel as though I'm fighting my instincts. But day by day, I'm getting better at looking at the bright side.

Today I'm feeling thankful for life and my good friend Ben.



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