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My parents have always been big fans of Tom Petty, so I grew up listening to his music. I came to appreciate his simple yet effective approach to songwriting and aspire to write songs that have stood the test of time like his have. This song in particular always spoke to me on another level. I love the message, of course, but I also find that there's a beautiful simplicity in how the music marries perfectly with the lyrics. That has always increased the overall emotional impact that the song has on me.

I made this short rendition because I wanted to strip it down even further from a musical perspective to see how it would affect the motif. When I finished, I found that changing the music gave the song a much more solemn feel. I love how music does that. The visuals are meant to convey a sense of desolation that implies sincerity and perseverance. As nature has stood the test of time, your tenacity will endure. This is especially important for creatives to understand. Rejection simply comes with the territory. The sooner you accept this as fact, the sooner you are able to cope with it.

"Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anyone else."



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